Frequently Asked Questions

for Self Storage in Gainesville

Most frequent questions and answers

Are your Gate hours different from your office hours?  Yes, Our facility manager is available Monday through Saturday 7:00 am til 5:00 pm.  Our office is closed on Sunday.  Our gate hours in which you can access our facility is 7 days a week from 7:00 am til 8:30 pm.  The gate locks down at 9:00 pm.

Climate Control?  At Northeast Georgia Storage Center, we have climate control units.  The units that this applies to are clearly noted in our contract.  The climate/ temperature is maintained with HVAC units.  This helps eliminate severe temperature swings that may jeopardize your belongings. Our temperature control is maintained between 55 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  Our climate controlled units are interior units that are accessed through a main interior hallway.

Can I access my unit before or after normal gate hours?  Yes, If when moving in or under special circumstances, we can extend your gate code for temporary afterhours access.  This is on a case by case situation and has to be arranged with our facility manager ahead of time.

Does every customer have a gate code?  Yes, your gate code is unique to you and your agreement with us.  Our self-storage software identifies these codes anytime someone enters or exits our facility and a log of that activity is maintained.  This personal code only works for current storage customers.  As soon as a customer moves out of our facility, the code is deleted from the system.

Do I have to use your storage facility lock?  No, at our storage facility, you provide your lock and you keep the key.  We do however, sell locks in our office as a convenience to our customers.  It is against our facility policy for a customer to place more than one lock per unit.  The second latch opening is for company use.

Can I transfer into another unit after I have moved in? Yes, at our self-storage facility we allow you to choose any available unit in our facility and prorate any charges or credits that you may have on the existing unit.  Any transfer can be arranged during office hours with the assistance of our on-site resident manager.  You choose the unit, we prorate, and you sign new agreements with us.  It’s that simple.

What size self storage unit do you have?  At Northeast Georgia Storage Center, we have many different sizes to accommodate you.  From 5×5’s all the way to 10×30’s we will likely have the right size for you.  In addition to standard drive up access, we also have climate controlled units as well.  Click for our size and price chart.  The graphics will give you an understanding of what and how much will fit in the unit.

Is your facility accessible for an eighteen wheeler/ tractor trailer? Yes, A portion of our facility is accessible for a tractor trailer to back in.  Availability is limited so we will need to be notified in advance and a reservation will need to be made.

Is your facility fenced?  Yes, our facility is fully fenced and the gate is controlled by a unique customer code to enter and exit.

If I forgot my access code, can you give it to me over the phone?  No, we only provide the access code to the customer whose name is on the contract.  You must be in person and provide a photo ID.  This is for your protection. Please call ahead so that the facility manager can assist you.

What if I lost the key to my lock?  We do provide assistance with cutting off a lock at your request.  You must be the occupant listed on the contract and provide photo ID.  A lock cutoff charge will apply and will only be performed during business hours.

Does your on-site manager live on the premises?  Yes, At Northeast GA Storage Center we have a facility manager who lives on the premises to assist you with your needs and provides a watchful eye on the facility.  Many folks really appreciate having someone available during the day to take a payment, assist with a truck rental, and the peace of mind that he is there throughout the night.  Please do not disturb their residence while at our facility.

When I am ready to move out what do I do?  We hate so see you leave, but when you do, make sure that the unit is broom swept clean and your lock has been removed.  Make sure that you notify our facility manager so that there will be no additional charges to your account.  Automatic billing will automatically cease once you are moved out of the system.

Am I able to use the trash dumpster?  Yes, the dumpster is available to use only by permission from our facility manager and only on a case by case basis.  We ask that you limit your usage to 2 to 3 bags maximum.  We cannot guarantee the availability of the dumpster.

Do you offer storage for business?  Yes, we have numerous commercial customers that utilize our facility to free up space at their business.  Often, retail and office rent per square foot is much higher than self storage so it simply makes business sense to store records and files with us. Additionally, Contractors find self storage here convenient and accessible. No need to haul equipment all the way back home when it can stay organized and out of the elements in a storage unit.  (Some typical contractors may include: locksmiths, electricians, plumbers and more). These contractors work in Hall county and need a central location for storage.  That is why we are Hall county’s best storage center.

Self Storage near me?  Of course, we are convenient to all of Gainesville.  So if your zip code is 30501, 30504 . 30506 . 30527, 30542 then you are a short drive to our facility.

Do you have Boat Storage?  Yes, we have outside fence space and shed space available for Boats.  Often, folks will keep their boat at our facility when their homeowners association doesn’t allow for a boat in their driveway.  Others pull their boat out of the water when winter comes around.  Additionally, there are a couple of boat ramps within 10 minutes of our facility.

Do you have garages to store vehicles?  Yes, we have garages for vehicles.  Proof of ownership, and it must be drivable (or on a trailer).  Contact us for specific guidelines in storing a vehicle at our facility.  Click here to read more about vehicle storage in Gainesville.

Do you have storage auctions?  Yes, we hold regular auctions at our facility.  Contact our facility manager for details on the next upcoming auction.  All units that are sold are done so in accordance with the Georgia self storage facilities Act.

Do you have automatic credit card billing?  Yes, once you sign up, we can automatically charge your credit card each month.  By using this option, you never have to worry about paying on time and avoid potential late fees.

Can you mail me paper invoice?  Yes, for an additional charge, we will mail you a paper invoice each month.

Can I pay with a check?  Yes, we accept checks as well as cash, Visa, Mastercard and money orders. We do not accept checks from customers who have previously bounced checks with us.

Mini Warehouses or Self Storage?  These are two terms to describe the same thing.  When Storage facilities were first being built, many called them mini warehouse units.  Now, many facilities describe their business category as Self Storage.